Accounting, Computer, Training, and Tax Preparation for Small Businesses and Individuals. 

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As a QuickBooks Affiliate, I’m able to pass on savings and discounts that will benefit you and your business. 


We offer you help with two of the three most important mainstays of small business.  We are experienced in resolving technology and financial issues.  Automated financial software saves you money and time, but sometimes when it doesn’t appear to be working it is hard to tell if it is the software, accounting issue, or a hardware issue.  Twelve years ago we started our business with the desire to remove that worry from your long list of worries that Small Business owners face everyday.  Our technicians and our consultants work together so you can just say “fix it”.


Karen Skillman, Owner

2017 tax filing season will start on Jan.19,2017

We also can help you prepare your  W-2’s and 1099’s.  They are due to recipients by Jan. 31, 2016